About Us

We Provide The Best Of Recovery Services

Our mission is to help innocent people who have lost their monies online, to recover them in the shortest possible time and in the most cost effective way. Our vision is to have an enabling environment for investment. We look to reduce to the barest minimum, the number of unrecovered money lost due to fraudulent online schemes.

Our Working Process

Our team of experts are trained to always put the interest of the client first. Here to help you get back what you lost to online fraud.

Case Review

Performing preliminary checks to assess whether the case can result in a substantial recovery, based on our experience.

Confront The Entities

Systematically confronting the relevant entities that have facilitated the illicit transfer of your wealth.

Gather The Evidence

Collecting all the information and documentation required to successfully pursue your case.

Support 24/7

We take pride in our track record and assure you that we’ll go to great lengths to get your money back.

Webinar Schedule

The meeting is on 26st, April, 2020 and will be about 11 hours. Web design practice and
science will both be discussed in depth and a sample work will be created.

Monday , 25 October 2022
08 : 00 am - 09 : 00 am
Market Spending and Trend Outlook for 2018 and Beyond
William Henry William Henry
2nd Floor Ballroom, City Hall
08 : 00 am - 09 : 00 am
State of the Market: IT Spending Review and Outlook
David Cooper David Cooper
2nd Floor Ballroom, City Hall
08 : 00 am - 09 : 00 am
2022 Crypto Valley Conference on Blockchain Technology
Daniel Waas Daniel Waas
2nd Floor Ballroom, City Hall
Monday , 25 October 2022

What Clients Say
about us

Daniel Waas


I can’t believe I was deceived by some low-lives. I was promised stable passive income, but they stole all my savings. After some research, I found Delahope and decided to give it a shot. I was skeptical at first, but after seeing my money returned to me in half a year, I am a believer. You just can’t beat their customer service, professionalism and knowledge.

Linda Parker


Delahope Ltd is a really nice platform for anybody having financial struggles and looking for assistance. This platform helped me get a full refund of my money i lost late last year and also gave me financial advice On the best places to invest my money to make sure losing of funds doesn’t repeat itself.

William Henry


I was referred to this company by a friend who engaged them and got decent results. After two months of hard work and thanks to my case manager, I received a full refund. I am a satisfied client and would recommend them to anyone.

David Cooper


I never thought I would be able to recover my funds back but after I gave all the required information to Delahope. I astonished by how fast they were able to recover my funds. I’m really grateful to Delahope Ltd.


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